I Knew It Was You, Clancy.

Tesseract, pruninig the lime suckwedge from the lips of Williams (infamous) mistaken for a shallow grave, impostor williams (not fought john) hopjohn (copjohn suckwedge) at plumbbob - permanent ten year old boy at age 40, begins starring in off the shelf pornography, sucking and fucking the wedge (officer) was *not* pauly shore in encino man, but in fact, a cleverly edited canary bird in a man suit (hansen man-suit-suckwedge) to punctuate this hallowed and shallowed grave to be given in the oval officer, thistle in mouth, sucking on a wedge (lime).

Prosciutto catholic girl screams the weeping statue of "Billy Joel" in madison square; crack-shedding farrow in the philly air, fresh food on a non stop guilt trip from tocks island to newark penn, asembly line girls pout lips at the universal club for dummies (ass packed in the rennovated pizza shack, recipie for a night out standing and staring) as the onion-domed abs of a stocky bachelor makes his bride with a thin string of gold (he has cop-breath, the whiff of wiskey a substitute for toxic reason.)

Cute House